Acupressure Ring

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Finger massage rings made of allergy-free precious steel with gold and silver plated, twisted by a special programmed spring machine to make the wires into many different dimensional triangles in order to get to the acu-points. Regular application enhances your blood circulation, strengthens your immune system, works supporting for the organic bodily functions, diminishes tensions and boosts your energy flow. It can not only massage the acu-points and articulation of the fingers, but also ease numbness,fatigue and ache by stimulating the blood vessel in the fingers and help to protect your hand from becoming old. Through the stimulation on the acu-points, it can keep your mind clear as well.

How To Use: Put the Acu-ring onto the intended finger, then push in and out with other fingers, causing it to roll along the finger surface, stimulating many fine acu-points. You may use more than one Acu-ring at the same time to suit your needs.

Massaging Time: average 2 minutes per finger. Acupressure ring does not hurt your fingers

Cleaning: dip the ring into clean water mixed with mild detergent and gently rub to remove dirt. 

Give yourself and your loved ones this unique wellness gift by StyleWellness.