Product Info & Care

Limited Edition
Each Thursday Friday bag is limited edition - honoring the idea of exclusivity. Styles are only available for a limited time to keep our collection fun & fresh. Once an item is SOLD OUT on our website, it means we've discontinued this particular style. 
Care Recommendations
Made from top quality canvas, our products are intended for everyday use. The roughness of details is part of the look, like worn, slightly torn jeans. We love the way our bags look after they’ve been broken in, and we hope you continue to enjoy yours as it earns more character with use.
Tote Bags
We recommend spot cleaning with a soapy sponge.  Be sure not to wet the printed area, and be gentle with the cleaning process.  Do not wash the bag by hand or in a washing machine.  Do not dry clean.  Do not iron, and do not bleach.  It's an easy bag that looks better with wear, we think!
Zippered Merchandise
1.  Be gentle with the zipper; it works more smoothly when you slide the zipper without too much force.
2.  When opening or closing, grip the base of the zipper pull, not just the long rectangular fob with the t/f on it.
Special Events
If you're looking for a chic giveaway for an event (wedding, party, corporate function, etc) and would like to place a large order, contact for special pricing. 
Waiting List
We'd love to notify you when a wait-listed item is back in stock. To join the waiting list, please fill out the form here.