How has urban fashion evolved?

Posted on May 11 2015

How has urban fashion evolved?

Urban fashion has come a long way over the years. The bottom line is that it has always embraced freedom and creativity. There is no wonder that this freedom of style and expression would find its way to the catwalks of high fashion. This spring designers sported a number of looks that are inspired by the creativity and freedom of urban fashion. Urban centres have long been the mecca for new looks and trends. Here are a few of the trends to look for this fashion season.

Men’s fashion: keep it loose

Although skinny jeans still have their place in the world of fashion, many designers have adapted a looser style. Shirts and pants that are loose and comfortable are being seen more. This comes from the hip-hop trend to wear clothes loose in order have more freedom of movement when expressing oneself through dance.

Denim with attitude

Both male and female models have been seen pairing denim pieces with fancier fabrics. A fitted denim jacket with a flowing and frilly skirt is but one look. Men have been wearing denim jeans with loose shirts that offer a classic yet different look.

Sports are hot

Dresses, pants, shirts, and shorts have all been seen in bright colours and stripping. Mesh accents only add to the sporty look. Athletic shoes with hand embroidery, sequins, and other details have been finding there way onto the feet of both male and female models. These looks can often be utilized in and out of the gym. In fact why not use this great look to for inspiration to try a fun sport like rollerblading? You can look great doing it and be well on your way towards better physical fitness. There are many different styles of roller blades available to match your own unique style, and the new generation of roller blades can keep you on trend.

Bright patterns and bold prints

There are many bright patterns and bold prints being seen on the runway. Usually reserved for women's fashion, today's designers have discovered that the men need some fun colours and patterns as well. Think floral motifs, swirling artistic patterns, and psychedelic prints that will have people looking twice. Hip hop artists have been embracing this trend towards fun patterns combined with loose and flowing fabrics that will ensure that the wearer not only looks great but is comfortable for what ever the day has in store for them.

Let your creativity run wild

The best piece of advice for those that want to catch the seasons hottest new urban street wear looks is to let their imagination run wild. Pick out a classic urban inspired look and make it your own with fun accessories and combinations that you never thought to try before. Creative expression and freedom on an individual level is how some of the greatest trends get started. There is no reason you cannot be the trendsetter you have always wanted to be. You might already have some of the pieces in your wardrobe already.


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